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Managing stress with the power of God

Stress: Climbing Out of the Pits with God

Stress Book CoverStress is a condition most people know little about until its dramatic effects take charge of their lives. It can manifest itself in simple inappropriate behaviors towards ourselves or one another or reach the more intense impact through mood disorders, addictions and physical illnesses.

Using sound Biblical teachings, this valuable resource examines stress, its impact on you and your relationships and then delivers answers to understanding, coping and living the healthy life God intends.

The well-organized chapters allow the reader to learn:
•    How people react to stress and the many faces it wears
•    How addictions intensify our reaction to stress
•    How spirituality can combat the effects of stress
•    How anger, un-forgiveness and sin can contribute to stress
•    How God’s love helps reduce stress
•    How to use God’s gifts on the journey to overcoming the multiple levels of stress

With scriptural index, additional resources, and life changing directions for individuals, pastors, counselors, therapists and others who work in the helping professions, this reference book is a valuable source of answers to the daily struggles that create stress and the coping skills to live a healthier life. Strong endorsements from Christian counselors and pastors.

ISBN 978-0-9799331-1-0
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368 pages; $16.99
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"Dr. Haymon  has  shown the unique ability to use anecdotes from biblical passages to teach people to relieve everyday stress often caused by such factors as alcohol abuse, drugs and smoking.  This book should be a textbook for parenting classes and should be on the bookshelves of every parent.  While profound in thought, it is not difficult to read."
Col. (ret.) Will G. Merrill Jr.


“An outstanding book expressing God-given truths for mental health. The dynamic concepts of this book epitomize the highest principles of scientific and social research as classical methods (scripture and psychology) are used to define, understand, and overcome problems that cause human stress. It also provides counselors, and pastors, with effective analytical tools. What better way to climb out of the pits of stress with a God-design and God-given tool that really works! This book has had a great influence on my pastoral counseling and teaching. It is a powerful resource for those experiencing stress in their lives and complex life situations that seem impossible to overcome. I highly recommend Stress: Climbing Out of the Pits with God for pastors and laypersons working with parishnories in pastoral counseling and spiritual direction.”
Bishop Everett H. Jefferson, Sr.
Emmanuel Temple Church of the Apostolic Faith, Inc.

“God has inspired Dr. Steven Haymon to strike the unique blend of clinical ailments and personal tragedies with spiritual solutions. This book holds the key for those seeking a way to escape the many masks that stress uses to keep them bound. Dr. Haymon will never know the number of those that find freedom by using these insightful pages. Only God knows.”
Willie R. McMiller, Sr.
Pastor of Brotherly Love West Christian Assembly

“Stress: Climbing Out of the Pits with God is the perfect companion when you realize you’re over your head in burdens. In a conversational manner, yet God-inspired approach, Dr. Haymon allows you to identify the culprits that have caused your spiral downward. The good news is his use of scriptures as a source of strength to cling to until you’ve completely climbed to safety…”
Pat Simmons
award-winning and bestselling author
the Christian romance novels: the Guilty series

“Are you looking to find your way out of stress? Dr. Haymon dissects stress with precise detail using the Word of God. The use of scripture, real-life examples and parables along with plain language definitions uncover what stress really is. I found that his use of the parable of talents from the Bible illustrates why we should use our gifts to better the world and not totally for financial gain. He also gives direct biblical reference to the idea of “what God has for you is for you” — reinforcing that no man can take away what God has given to you. There are several ideas given to reduce stress such as: creating your personal plan; minimizing your distractions; communicating your issues; taking vacations; regular exercise; and forgiveness.

Dr. Haymon has clearly recognized his gift from God — communication of the Word. His straightforward explanations of stress and its effects should be applauded…. The stories, examples and use of scripture will capture your attention, stir your spirit, and turn your heart. The conclusion offers an excellent summary.” 
M. Bruener, Deltareviewer